About Consultant
Pallavi Chhelavda is a vastu - Fengshui Project & Space consultant.
She is the founder of International Vastu Fengshui Research Institute. Pallavi Chhelavda is an experienced & well versed Fengshui experts & successful Vastu advisor. She is honored by many prestigious organizations.
People who get success in their life through her advice are leading Merchants, Artists, Doctors, Builders & Industrialists. These renowned celebrities are the source of inspiration.
Residents of India & Non-Resident Indians also take benefit of her experience. She has been honored and recognized for her work in several countries like U. K , Dubai , Malaysia , Singapore & India.
Vastu Fengshui Project & Space Consultant
She is the author of following books
» Fengshui 101 simple way to golden fortune.
» Fengshui in the business world.
» She writes articles in several newspapers & Magazines. Her programs on TV Asia, " Vastu Living" is very popular and highly viewed show.
Pallavi Chhelavda Thinks
The proper application of Vastu - Fengshui with the total understanding of the principles helps immensely to reshape your life. You can obtain noticeable gains by adopting Feng-Shui's Principles in your Shop , Office, Factory, etc.
It's a simple & easy way to over-come ensuring troubles by the adaptation of Feng-Shui & Vastu's norms.
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"We are satisfied with Pallavi Chhelavda’s vastu consulting. She has been very professional, and sincere in her services. "
Minaxi and Arvind Khatri
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" Today's challenge to Vastu experts is to rectify the Vastu defects without physical altering, shifting. "
Mr Navin Patel