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" Vastushastra and Science "
Vastu is five letter word with the Energy of the whole Universe
In the world so many different type of planet. But only earth can be possibility for human life because varies energy on the earth bio cosmoses energy, gravitational force, magnetic force, geopathic energy. some energy is visible & some invisible but effect of both are felt. vastu beamed on five magnetic & powerful features Air, Water, Fire, Earth & Metal which blend & flame men to nature. It is universal truth having no precognition energy is the natures force in the appropriate quantum is beneficial but if exceeding or deprecating it is devious. Men is enclave by energy which is uncontrollable and whenever energy fluctuates it causes waves like tide & ebb in all venues of human life including the inner being of men nature thought process psychological & near presence. It is remedial science. For understanding to this science this all the energy is subscribed by all the direction like North, south, East, West & their sub cardinal direction is Northeast, Southeast. Northwest, Southwest all the direction are contented with various energy. If our placement is in-lue of energy then creative cycle is formed then existing cycle is sufficient but if forming a destructive cycle by conflicting elements of energy then we face difficulties Ex. North direction is related with water it is a epitome of magnetic force. If our set up has generate fire or electric city in this we contradict with energy. Person cannot bear the consequence of the energy struggle.
If we are using energy for the productive cycle for benefit then it is compatible with life. The strategic diversifying of energy over comes your hurdles in life. Life become enriched , successful & harmonious. Life is flowery & beautiful but unpredictable with so many ups & down. Our follies and failures are logged on to faith, excuses, misfortune & other blanks. When introspection of failures we realize what is the loose end. Energy also a part of causing failure other factor are also responsible but we cannot over look energy. person should inspect & over rule all the elements for a complete living.
Happiness is a temperamental feeling changing with spur of moments & different individual. Ambitions & expectation play a major role to grant happiness. There is no Golden key to treasure of happiness. Environment place a major role to grant happiness .There is no key to treasure of happiness.
" Vastushastra and Science " Articles
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